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Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 09:49:33 UTC
Subject: The Horny Hiker, Part I (MM) CHAZ, THE HORNY HIKER
A hot horney hiker was Chaz, * AUTHOR'S NOTE:
A stud with panache and pizazz; * This is written for
When his peter shows rigor * Chaz, a young man in
He is quick on the trigger * a Lolita Rape
small town who would
And shoots out a hot load of jazz. * rather be out in the
* woods.
Whenever Chaz goes on the trail; ERIC
He dresses to show lots of tail
To attract a stud fucker
Or a hiking cock sucker.
He needs some hot sex with a male.He chooses with care his trail clothes.
From other trail trips he now knows
To get a sex pass
He should show lots of ass--
His shorts are cut high to expose.His ass is in short & tight pants
Which barely restrain his stiff lance.
Cock dressed on the right,
It is plainly in sight
To invite a stud's sexy advance.His skimpy shorts, ragged, not new
Are frayed, thin and worn denim blue.
The seat is threadbare
With some places where
His ass cheeks are seen shining through.Tight shorts straining over his ass,
Revealing its tightly packed mass,
Look sexy and cute,
With his randy ass Lolita Rape chute
Inviting a pecker to pass.Cockhead sticks up at the crotch
Which shows off a staining cum splotch,
And his big balls protrude
Like he's standing there nude--
It'll surely make other studs watch.His tanktop is such a tight fit
It exposes his chest and each tit;
It shows off his pecs
Which ripple and flex
Whenever he swaggers a bit.Tween chop-top & shorts he is bare;
His fly leaks out some cock hair.
With few buttons to hold it
Each step will unfold it--
Whatever Chaz shows, he won't care.Chaz heads out alone to the wood--
Cock & ass shows, like it should.
There are always some jocks
With randy big cocks
To give him male sex that is good.He sees a guy built like a dream,
With cock out, who's pissing a stream
Like a big golden shower
That shows his prick power--
Chaz wants to get some of his cream.The pisser looks up with a grin,
Continues to spew piss and then
Says "You like what you see?
Then come play with me;
I'm ready for fun to begin."Watching him, Chaz now could feel
The prick in his pants turn to steel;
Pushing out of his fly
Any game it would try
With the stud of such great sex appeal.Chaz takes his prick out his pants
& frigs it, its size to enhance.
He lets his shorts drop
& lets his prick flop
& frigs on the other stud's lance.He goes down in front, on his knees
His mouth on the cockhead to seize,
"Your cock I an licking
To slick up for dicking
My asshole, so fuck it in, please."Bending, Chaz opens his bum;
The stud finger fucks his ass some,
Then he fucks up that hole
With his stiff standing pole
& fills the ass chute with his cum.After fucking, he's back on the trail
Enjoying fuck juice in his tail.
He had a great fuck
Now he wants a cock suck--
He'll suck or be sucked by a male.The next stud he happens to see
Is leaning against a big tree--
He gives Chaz the eye
& opens his fly--
Big cock & big balls hang out free.Soon both of the studs are bare assed
With both of their pricks at full mast.
On the grass they recline
For a sucking six-nine,
They're hot & they both will cum fast.They liked lying there still undressed
While having a cock sucking fest.
Their balls start off fizzing;
Their cocks then are jizzing;
Cum shooting is what feels the best.After cumming Chaz goes on his way;
He's having a sexy good day.
First he was fucked
Then 69 cock sucked.
He's horny & still wants to play.In bushes beside a small creek
He kneels down to take a good peek
At some fuckers ass reaming,
With cocks that are creaming--
He spies the sex action he'll seek.This is the best Lolita Rape of cock play--
The kind you don't find every day;
While one is ass fucking
The fuckee is sucking
Another prick in a three-way.Stud Chaz at first watches the fun
& frigs with his hand on his gun;
But rubbing his bone
Is no fun all alone--
He's got to get into this one.He rises and steps into view
So the' fuckers can see someone who
Shows a big throbbing cock
Standing hard as a rock
& is ready to suck and fuck, too.The action continues non-stop
As he strips off & lets his pants drop;
He finds an ass hole
Where he fucks with his pole
Till the cum in his balls will go pop.The action is quite fast & free
With 4 men, or 2 men or three
In a double six-nine
As cock/ass can combine
In a frenzy of fuck/suck melee.Up asses they'd all shot their load;
Each cock in some mouths were all blowed;
With the action complete
In this multiplex treat
Chaz, wearing his shorts, hits the road.Then later he met a boy scout,
Prepared for all actions about;
His pack had protection
For a rousing erection
For fucking another nude lout.Our hiker reached for his prick
Sticking out randy and thick.
The scout was delighted
& hugely excited
To get some cock action so quick.Both of them dropped down their pants.
A cock ring around the scouts lance
Increased his erection
Now set for ejection
When his cock up an ass would advance.Now Chaz really liked his inspection
(As the condom went on for protection)
Of the boy scout's big dong,
Now raging and long
& eager to fuck to ejection.So Chaz just went down on his knees,
His asshole exposed to the breeze
For Lolita Rape the big cock's ass humping
And lots of cream dumping--
That boy scout sure knew how to please.Chaz turned on his back, legs up high
With asshole exposed to the sky
& an asschute that willed
With cum to be filled,
& the boy scout was willing to try!The scout Lolita Rape looked as pure as a virgin,
But juice in his peter was surgin'.
He fucked like a knave,
Quite fully depraved--
He'd fuck or be fucked without urgin'.The hiker himself felt a yearn
To fuck that boy's ass in return.
He treated him tough
& did some rough stuff,
Pounding cream up his ass like a churn.The action turned into rough trade;
The boy scout was never afraid
To take hot hard action
With lots of cock traction
As long as his hot ass got laid.They fucked a climactic event
As both of their cocks often spent.
Though the boy scout did try
Both their cocks were fucked dry
So they put on their clothes & they went.As a hiker, Chaz knew every trick
To get at another stud's prick.
He'd get them to show it
& then he would blow it
While using his fist on his dick.He liked just to strip them down nude
And do things so raunchy and lewd
Like using his tongue
To ream out a bung
Then letting his stiff prick intrude.When not on the trail he was dreaming
Of all the big cocks there for creaming;
Of cocks there for sucking
& his own asshole's fucking
& assholes his prick could be reaming.Chaz jerked on his meat in his bunk
Buck naked so when he shot spunk
It felt so damn good,
But he still craved the wood
Where he always could fuck a stud hunk.
CHAZ, THE HORNY HIKER--ANOTHER DAY (A continuation of his
hiking adventures)
Chaz knows he's a stud and a hunk ERIC
Whose cock is full loaded with spunk
So it's ready to cream
In a mouth or ass ream
Outdoors or at home in a bunk.It's time to go back on the trail
To find him some more fucking tail.
While in town there's no fucking
And not much cock sucking,
In the woods he can find a hot male.In nothing but shoes and short pants,
Too brief to conceal his hard lance
He heads for the trail
To get him some tail--
Engage in the cock and ass dance.He wandered beside a small creek
& pulled out his cock for a leak;
As he pissed by the stream
He started to dream
Of action he'd found there last week.Last week lying nude by the pool
He slowly was frigging Lolita Rape his tool;
When his cock was immense
From the feeling intense
Pre-cum from his cocktip did drool.While frigging he soon was aware
That somebody else was now there;
If he continued his show
He might get a blow
Or a frig or a fuck--he don't care.A sailor stepped out of the trees
& dropping his jeans to his knees
Groped his own prick
Then sucked Chaz's dick--
Cock sucking--a sure way to please.His stiff prick was standing so tall
As the other guy sucked on each ball;
He tongued Chaz's ass
And played with its mass
& prepared his big cock to install.Chaz now enjoyed his good luck.
First he had got Lolita Rape a cock suck,
Then in his ass chute
This horny pricked brute
Delivered a ball bouncing fuck.The sailor whose Lolita Rape fuck he'd recall
Again made his prick stiff & tall.
He'd like a repeat
Of that assfucking treat
If someone came by he could ball.Lying, off trail, on the grass
He spotted a round smooth bare ass--
A handsome young man
Was getting a tan
On an ass that was strictly first class.Chaz walked up to talk to the boy
But he covered his cock & was coy.
It would be fun
To suck this kid's gun
& give him some cock sucking joy.Smiling, Chaz asked could he rest;
Get some sun, get relaxed, all undressed;
He'd work on his tan
While they talked man to man;
He liked to sun nude, he confessed.The cute boy just said "It's OK"
& pulled off the towel where it lay
Concealing his goods
Out there in the woods--
Stark naked again that fine day.Chaz quickly took off all his clothes
And gave a quick pull to his hose.
He followed the eye
Of the other young guy
Who was watching the cock that he shows.Chaz lay so his peter was showing;
He positioned his cock fully knowing
The young fellow's gaze
Was on it always--
And slowly his prick started growing.Chaz said that sometimes an erection
Occurred from another's inspection.
He was getting the urge
To shoot a cum surge.
With permission, he'd beat to ejection.The boy said, "It's OK with me;
Like movies that sometimes I see
Where horny studs shoot
Out cream from their root,
But this time its real & for free.""Sometimes at the show, in my seat
I'm sitting there beating my meat;
Enjoying screen action
And my own hand traction
That's keeping a steady cock beat."Chaz smiled and said that this is for real;
I'll show you my cock hard as steel
From which cum will spurt
In squirt after squirt--
I'll show you and give you a feel.Lying naked and flat on his back,
Legs lifted to show his ass crack;
His prick was up pointed
& pre-cum anointed--
Chaz doing a left handed jack.The young man himself was well manned
As seen by his rising sex gland.
And not too surprising,
His prick was up-rising
As he rubbed on his prick with his hand.Chaz moved his prick up for close view
& knew that joint frigging was new
To the hunky stud lad
And his own prick was glad
To show him what fist fuckers do.Now both of them had full erection,
Enjoying the close cock inspection.
Each stiff pricked stud beat
His own horny meat
& soon they both had cum ejection.Cum soaked & buck naked, time passed;
The young lad regained his stiff mast--
All prepared to repeat
Joint beating of meat
And to shoot a new load just as fast.Now Chaz enjoyed frigging, it's true
But ther're much better things you can do
With a horny assed guy--
Lots of things to still try--
And all to this stud would be new!Stud Chaz, stiff pricked, took a chance
And decided the game to advance.
He swallowed the cock
Of the hunky young jock
Whose pleasure began to enhance.The young man cried out "Oh yeah, suck it,
I'm soon gonna cum a full bucket,
My cock is so full
I'm cumming, no bull,
HOT SHIT, Oh, I'M CUMMING, Oh, FUCK IT!"Relaxing just after his shot
He said that he liked it a lot.
What else could he try
With another nude guy
Out here in this forested spot?Soon both of their heavy cock tips
Were buried within their hot lips;
Six-nining was new
But the lad wanted to
Learn of these sexy cock trips.Together they sucked & they rolled
As mouths on stiff pricks had a hold;
Each shot out his cum
In a rather large sum--
The young lad was getting quite bold.The kid had a natural flair
For sucking on cocks stiff and bare.
Though his first time to blow
He just seemed to know
How 69ing cocks ought to share.He sucked on the hiker's fuck pole
& fingered the hiker's ass hole;
He was ready to play
In a more advanced way--
His sex life was off on a roll!The horny stud's naked back door
Invited hot Chaz to do more--
Fuck finger inserted
With prostate he flirted,
Probed deep in his sexy ass core.The kid seemed to like it a lot
When Chaz probed his ass's hot spot.
"You could quick hit my trigger
If your probe was much bigger;
Like the size of the hard-on you've got."Stud Chaz liked the ass fucking hint
And mounted his ass, body bent,
And fucked it with vigor
Until it did trigger
The streams of man-cream that he spent.The young lad no longer was shy
In giving all big cocks the eye;
It was easy to see
This kid would now be
Looking for new cocks to try.The hiker went back on the road
After shooting that ass with his load.
His cock was well worn
From much action in porn,
Enjoying the semen he'd sowed.Hiking's a sport, open air--
More fun if is's done with ass bare.
You're apt to get Lolita Rape
By some stud in the shade--
Cause fucking occurs everywhere.There's always a stud with a bone
Who's standing there, frigging alone
Who'd rather be sucked
Or maybe ass fucked,
Who cums with a spurt & a moan.His sex urge now often directs
Chaz onto the trail to seek sex.
It's Lolita Rape always success,
He's prone to confess,
When his body Lolita Rape another inspects.Chaz loved to go out on the trail
Where action occurred without fail
With randy cocked hikers
And big balled dirt bikers
Who liked a good fuck with a male.
If you liked this raunchy limerick and would like to read my
previous post in a similar form--THE UNEXPURGATED STORY OF
WILLIAM TELL--email me and I'll send it to you.
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